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Back to thousand years to the history, the Maya race – human being’s great ancestors - discovered a plant that changed their civilization – cocoa plant. This rare species was used in sacred worships. After centuries of experiments, this plant has appeared and conquered the world including Vietnam, especially especially in Dong Nai area – the rich land suitable for the development of cocoa plant.


Cacao tree was planted in Dong Nai Province since 1980s. However, until year 2003, through " Cacao national plant" progam together with enterprises in Dong Nai province participating in the investment – cultivation – product consuption for export with remarkable economic efficiency, then Cocao has become the strengths of Dong Nai province mainly in Dinh Quan, Tan Phu, Thong Nhat, Cam My , that includes a considerable contribution of Trong Duc Cacao Co., Ltd supporting in seedlings and technical guidance to farmers. Furthermore, current products such as chocolate, cacao powder, cacao liquor, wine is extracted from the cacao plants are sole products of Trong Duc Cacao Co., Ltd.


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Typical News

  • 16:54 - 19/01/2017

    (Saigon Times) - At the headquarters of the Company Limited German Cocoa Trong Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai, we bumped into her Kyoko Nakamura, a Japanese businessman, is learn the products by this company Bungo chocolate products Recommended.

  • 16:56 - 15/09/2015

    (People of Vietnam) Whether horizontal arm to the manufacturing and processing of products from cocoa but doctors - Meritorious Doctor Dang Tuong Vietnam Kham was the first person to produce alcohol products from plants and now because he was operating the international cocoa Association (ICCO) assessed as "a model" of cocoa Vietnam.

  • 14:20 - 21/08/2015

         Dong Nai Province very interested branding for major crops locally and registered trademarks, to the province's agricultural products dominate the domestic market and export a wide road.

  • 13:52 - 21/08/2015

     Cocoa farmers are encouraged by a bumper crop harvest, the winning price.

  • 16:18 - 20/08/2015

    Many cocoa farmers to intercrop rubber gardens, fruit in Thong Nhat district (Dong Nai) has added source of income in the context of natural rubber and a variety of fruits continuously fall.